Start Thinking Bold

Have you ever found yourself saying...

  • The world is changing so quickly... How can we keep up with the speed of innovation to not be disrupted like so many other companies?
  • We really need our marketing department to be more creative... how can we lead the market?
  • It seems like we just keep getting the same ideas on the table, again and again... How can we start thinking big and create a bold future?
  • Our team is more of a "Group of Star-Players" than a team... How can we get them to really build something great together?
  • This acquisition/merger is distracting for our leaders... How can we keep them focused on what is important to the business?
  • Creativity and innovation are key to thrive in my sector... How can we become bold in our thinking and actions?

Scott Cochrane and The Bold Mind Group have been consistently helping companies of all sizes, across diverse industries & geographies around the world answer these questions and more over the last 2 decades. Request a free consultation now to explore how we can help you.

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Everything we do at The Bold Mind Group is focused on helping our clients materialize their greatest aspirations. Scott and his team have over 20 years of experience helping executives, leaders, boards and teams unleash awesome levels of creativity, innovation and bold thinking.



Four stand-alone Keynotes, all based on The Bold Mind and individually powerful by themselves… they can also come together to create an unbeatable series that will drive you and your organization to new levels of accelerated growth and success.


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Rave Reviews for Scott Cochrane and The Bold Mind Group

  • “I have worked with Scott over the last year. He is an outstanding team and individual coach."

    Guy Tweedie - R&D Director Southern Europe, Danone
  • "Scott is a wonderful person, extremely trustful, because he always honours his values, such as integrity, respect, generousity, gratitude, partnership,.. Scott is definitively a very strong inspiring man"

    Carlos Arcusa - VP HR, Tech Data Europe
  • “I recommend Scott to anyone wanting to obtain the best from himself.”

    Santi Mier - VP Marketing (CMO), Danone
  • "Scott has added significant value, helping to move the needle working with the teams - and has become a highly trusted business partner. "

    Simon England - SVP Value Added Business at Tech Data EMEA
  • “I can say he literally made me grow professionally, as I did become CFO 3 months after that intense period of 1 to 1 coaching with him.”

    Antoine Remy - Regional CFO, The Dannon Company