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Have you ever found yourself saying...

  • Our business has been flat for too long... We just can’t seem to break out of it. What can we do?
  • He’s got great potential, but can he rise to the challenge of a bigger role? How can we help him?
  • This is our new "CFO’s/CMO’s/CIO’s" first C-Suite position... How can we assure the right impact?
  • She is one of our most talented executives, but that recent business set-back has broken her confidence.... How can we get her back on track?
  • Our staff’s motivation level is all but gone. How can we drive new energy throughout the organization?
  • Our best talent is leaving the company and we don’t know why... How can we stop the leak?
  • People are unsettled (and scared) by the recent acquisition. How do we keep them focused on what is important to the business?
  • This acquisition looks great on paper... but what can we do to assure that 1 + 1 really does equal 2?

Scott Cochrane and The Bold Mind Group have been consistently helping companies of all sizes, across diverse industries & geographies across the world answer these questions and more over the last 2 decades. Request a free consultation now to explore how we can help you.

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Everything we do at The Bold Mind Group is focused on helping our clients materialize their greatest aspirations. Scott and his team have been providing coaching and advisory services to senior executives, leaders, boards and teams around the globe for over 2 decades.



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  • “I have worked with Scott over the last year. He is an outstanding team and individual coach."

    Guy Tweedie - R&D Director Southern Europe, Danone
  • "Scott is a wonderful person, extremely trustful, because he always honours his values, such as integrity, respect, generousity, gratitude, partnership,.. Scott is definitively a very strong inspiring man"

    Carlos Arcusa - VP HR, Tech Data Europe
  • “I recommend Scott to anyone wanting to obtain the best from himself.”

    Santi Mier - VP Marketing (CMO), Danone
  • "Scott has added significant value, helping to move the needle working with the teams - and has become a highly trusted business partner. "

    Simon England - SVP Value Added Business at Tech Data EMEA
  • “I can say he literally made me grow professionally, as I did become CFO 3 months after that intense period of 1 to 1 coaching with him.”

    Antoine Remy - Regional CFO, The Dannon Company