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Scott believes that by harnessing the power of the bold mind we can revolutionize business for sustainable growth, well beyond mere evolution.

Scott is an international coach, speaker and author on leadership, creativity and innovation, who is based in Boca Raton, FL and Boulder, CO. He is fluent in English and Spanish. Scott’s passion is to help organizations embrace revolutionary thinking to achieve extraordinary results.

For well over two decades Scott has worked with Presidents, CEO’s, Senior Leaders and Executive Boards of organizations across the globe in their strategic planning, organizational effectiveness and leadership affairs. He is known for having an uncanny ability to steer challenging and complicated conversations through to conclusions that deliver solutions to real life issues. Scott’s clients consistently commend him on his creative and critical thinking skills, which result in out of the box solutions with excellent results. He consistently challenges the status quo and ignites a spirit of bold thinking.

Scott's academic activities have included serving as adjunct professor in MBA and International Management Programs at European Universities, as well as lecturing on Business & Innovation at European and North American educational institutions. He currently serves as Chairman of Lynn University's College of Business & Management Advisory Board.

Scott’s “Bold Mind” approach has convinced Senior Leaders and Executive Boards of many worldwide organizations to engage his speaking and advisory services. Among others, names include: Accenture, Amadeus, Cisco, Danone, GB Foods, HP, ING, JDE Coffee, Moet Hennessy, Pepsico, Qube Global Software, Shell, Sprint and Tech Data. He is the author of the book, Time Machine Leadership – “How to lead from the future for sustainable success”, based on his groundbreaking corporate vision and strategy creation model that has served to drive his valued clients to new levels of growth and success. His latest book, Your Creative Mind – “How to Disrupt your Thinking, Abandon your Comfort Zone, and Develop Bold New Strategies”, was released in September 2016 by Career Press.

When he's not running through airports, speaking or attending clients, Scott loves to spend quality time with his wife and three children. He enjoys snow skiing, running, cycling, documentaries, meaningful movies, music, cooking and a good conversation with friends. Additionally, he deeply believes in the expansive pure potential of young people, and happily donates time, effort and resources supporting them in their growth and development.

Our Team

At The Bold Mind Group, our global network of experts are fully committed to partnering with our clients in the achievement of bold and meaningful objectives. They diligently work with you to identify and leverage opportunities through creativity and innovation to accelerate sustainable growth. They are all highly respected leaders in their field of expertise, with extensive experience in a broad range of industries. And best of all, they are also great people who you will love working with. That’s why they are with us – and that’s why we confidently bring them to you!

Maria del Moral , in the photo to the left, keeps it all together in a consistent and organized way that only she knows how to do. Holding an MBA and a European Law Degree, she ensures that the organization’s effectiveness continues in a highly competitive market by tracking all the corporate trending strategies and studies in our field. Thanks to her targeted research we better understand our client’s needs and opportunities.

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